Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Caught the falling knife

Well, made a mistake on this one.

Written October 15-
I pulled the trigger on CAKE late this afternoon right before the market closed. Hopefully I did not try to catch a falling knife. Time will tell.

500 shares @ $9.98.

CAKE is down 35% since my buy point and closed at $6.48 today.

SHLD is down 50% since my sell recommendation I posted on October 16-
SHLD continues to falter. It did not participate in todays rally and is expensive with a P/E of 18.55. Closed at $60.87. I do not have confidence in this stock/ company and should sell. I believe it drops further from here.

It was down another 10% today to close at $30.19.

The only place safe for my money is under the mattress.

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