Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases

Market has been choppy.  It was up most of the day before losing steam towards the end and closed down a point to finish at 12,503.  Most of the Sharebuilder orders went through at the beginning of the day when the market was up.  That is my biggest negative on Sharebuilder.  On days like this, it costs me a percent. If I could control the orders and the date of purchase, I would probably be able to buy 1-2% cheaper.  Especially in a volatile market.  Anyways, added the following today:
  • $200 of CVX at $100.30. Yield 3.59%. 5 year average yield is 3.1%. Avg PE 9.8. Current PE=7.3.
  • $350 of BBL at $55.59. Yield 3.96%. **Lowest buy price of my DCA purchases**  
  • $200 of AFL at $40.74. Yield 3.24%. Avg PE 14.5.  Current PE= 8
  • $200 of EMR at $47.53. Yield 3.37%. 5 year average yield 2.8%. Avg PE 17.7. Current PE=15.
  • $250 of RDS.B at $66.03. Yield 5.21%. 
  • $250 of MCD at $91.34. Yield 3.07%. 

Total purchase of $1450 and added $54.92 to my annual dividend income

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