Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases

Not too many bargains in the stocks I follow now.  Most of my stocks have had some good run ups.  Cyclicals are one of the few sectors that are attractively valued.  I have my eyes on CAT and if I can get it around 3% initial yield ($70), I will initiate a position.  It closed today at $81.92.   I would also love to initiate positions in V and MA but they keep going up and up.

Also waiting for a pullback on SDRL.  Closed today at $37.54.

I will add larger buys at BBL under $50 and KMI under $30.


Dow closed at 12,806 today and made the following buys:
  • $200 of MCD at $91.50. Yield 3.06%  
  • $200 of EMR at $44.61. Yield 3.61%

Total purchase of $400 and added $13.29 to my annual dividend income.

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