Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sale and a Buy

Trimmed my postion in CLGX today to lock-in a very nice gain.  CLGX has been on a tear: up 111% YTD and over 160% the last year.  Here is the 1 year chart:

CLGX is a growth stock and does not pay a dividend.  The valuation has gotten frothy with a PE of 48 and forward PE of 23.5.

I sold 300 shares at $27.65.

Took the proceeds and bought 300 shares of INTC at $22.45 to lock in a 4.01% yield.  My portfolio is very light tech so this purchase adds some tech exposure.  I have had my eye on INTC for some time and have been waiting for a 4% yield entry.

This new position will add $270 to my annual dividend income.

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