Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I have been patiently waiting for Intel to drop below $20 all month.

I could not pass up adding today as the stock opened up 3.5% lower on the retirement of the CEO.

Pulled the trigger on 200 shares at $19.63 for an initial yield of 4.58%.

Did I catch the bottom?  Most likely not. 

However, I am happy collecting a 4% plus yield on a premium blue chip that I believe will right the ship despite the fears of slowed growth in the PC market and lack of market share in the mobile chip market.

This latest Intel purchase will provide me an additional $180 in annual dividend income.


  1. wow, looks like many dividend investors are snatching up shares of INTC today!

    Looks like a great buy at the current price, with a yield well in excess of 4.5%.

    I sure do hope that the whole PC demise story is just being over-hyped right now, which is causing the shares to slide. Should take off if INTC can gain market share in mobile.

  2. great buy! I added shares today as well to average down. Long-term it shouldn't matter if we caught the bottom but I really would be surprised to see a lot more downside from here.

  3. FI Fighter,

    Yes, I think Mr. Market is offering an opportunity and it looks like people are taking advantage :)

    I totally agree with the "noise" surrounding the death of the PC and believe Intel will eventually take off in mobile.


  4. Austin Broker,

    Congrats on your buy as well! Very nice purchase!

    I will think about pulling the trigger again if we get to $18 and a 5% yield.