Friday, August 30, 2013

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases- PM, KMR, RDS.A

Reporting my weekly buys that went through on Tuesday.  We are in the middle of a mild sell off this month and the market closed at 14,776.
  • $250 of PM at $84.00. Yield 4.05%.
  • $200 of KMR at $80.12. Yield 6.59%.
  • $200 of  RDS.A at $65.02. Yield  5.54%
Goal before then end of the year is to have both PM and Shell pay me $1200 in dividends in 2014. I believe both are attractively valued now and will continue to add.  If Altria is any example, I am expecting a nice dividend increase from PM next month.  Right now, I am a little below $1000 annual  forward dividend income with Shell so adding another $200 in dividend income won't be too hard.

$650 of new capital invested adding $34.37 to my annual dividend income.


  1. Hey AA, I'm half way through Dividends Still Don't Lie, a book you recommended a few months back. I like the theory and the methodology used to determine the value of a stock. I also like the idea of buying undervalued stock and selling when it's over valued in order to buy something undervalued - I always thought I'd hold most of my stocks for a very long time but I'm reconsidering. In any event, I'm thinking of going with a 2 month trial subscription of the Investment Quality Trends newletter referred to in the book. If you subcribed to this newsletter I would appreciate feedback.

  2. Average Dividend Yield,

    Glad you like some of the ideas presented in the book and think they compliment your investing philosophy. I have had some success in using the theory with my buy decisions but have a harder time with the sell decision even when I know a stock is a bit overvalued.

    As for the newsletter, sorry, but cant speak on that. If you go with the trial subscrip, Ill look for a post on your blog about your thoughts on the newsletter in the future :)