Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases- KMI, PM, CAT

Reporting my weekly buys that went through today.

Market was down 133 points to close at 15,168.

This weeks purchases:
  • $250 of KMI at $35.33. Yield 4.53%.
  • $200 of PM at $85.99. Yield 4.37%.
  • $200 of CAT at $86.53. Yield 2.77%.
$650 of new capital invested adding $25.61 to my annual dividend income.

Note: Thursday is d-day for the debt ceiling. We could see major sell off if a deal is not made.
My guess is a last minute deal will be made but it will just kick the can down the road a little longer.

1 comment:

  1. KMI looks interesting but it's high P/E ratio and payout ratio scares me a bit. Yet I see so many DGI that hold KMI.