Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases- PM, MCD, CVX, KMR

Reporting my weekly buys that went through last week and today.

Last weeks purchases 1/7 (Dow 16,531):
  • $250 of PM at $84.65. Yield 4.44%.
  • $150 of KMR at $75.12. Yield 7.19%.
  • $150 of MCD at $96.73. Yield 3.35%. 
$550 of new capital invested adding $26.91 to my annual dividend income.

This weeks purchases 1/14 (Dow 16,374):
  • $500 of PM at $82.47. Yield 4.56%.
  • $200 of CVX at $119.19. Yield 3.36%. 
  • $100 of MCD at $95.24. Yield 3.40%.
 $800 of new capital invested adding $32.91 to my annual dividend income.

Note: I have meticulously kept track of all my purchases since 2010 on an excel spreadsheet and was interested in seeing how PM's current 4.56% yield has compared to my previous PM purchases.

My initial PM purchase was on 5/14/2010 and have made total of 69 additions to the position since (includes new capital and reinvested dividends).

High Yield: 5.30% (6/4/10)
Low Yield: 3.40% (7/12/12)
Average Yield: 4.17%

Of the 69 additions, only 11 were with initial yield higher then 4.56%.

So looking back at 3.5 years of purchases, today's current initial yield is obviously attractive.

Lastly, yield on cost of the 6/4/10 high yield purchase..8.58%.


  1. Greetings AA. Yield on cost is a beautiful thing isn't it?! I love to look back at the dividend growth portfolio I started 5 years ago, and see the yield on cost numbers. Many of them have grown tremendously! Have a great day

  2. I agree completely about PM and added more this week :) Take care

  3. Bryan,
    Totally agree! Pretty exciting to see the YOC after a couple years of dividend raises. Ill have my 1st 10% YOC on my MO purchases from 2010 come next div increase.

    Thanks stopping by!

  4. AAI,

    Yup, I will keep on adding if it stays at these prices and will add more agressively the lower it goes.

    Congrats on $250k portfolio value!


  5. Is sharebuilder still no minimum to open an account. Can you still get 4 dolar trades as before

  6. Penny Stock Investments,

    I am not sure if there is a minimum to open an account or not. There was not a minimum when I opened the account. The Sharebuilder investment program I am subscribed to is $12 for 12 purchases. The caveat is that these purchases go through on Tuesdays. Market/Limit orders are $6.95.