Monday, February 3, 2014

Buy: PM

Volatility has returned in full force to the market!

We had a nice sell off today of 326 points with the Dow closing at 15,373.  Looking back at my posts, we were at 16,555 on Jan 2.  That's a nice 1000 point drop over the past month!

PM has been hit especially hard and is down almost 7% over the past week and 14% year to date. Getting close to that 5% yield I have been looking for, I just couldn't resist adding to my PM position.

Bought 25 shares at $75.81 for a initial yield of 4.96%. 

This addition brings my total share count of PM to a hair under 300 and my 12 month go forward PM dividends to $1123.

My Sharebuilder weekly purchases go through tomorrow.


  1. AA,

    Nice buy here. I also added to PM even though I was already heavily allocated to it. Just couldn't resist, although I wish I HAD resisted just a few days more. :)

    BTW, 300 shares of PM is a very nice spot to be in!

    Best wishes.

  2. DM,
    Thanks for stopping by! I think anything north of a 4.5% initial yield is good value with PM. I also think we will have alot of opportunity this year to pick up PM on the cheap..and so will PM management :).

    Take care!