Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases- ACN, PM, AFL

Reporting my weekly buy's that went through earlier this week.

This weeks purchases 4/1 (Dow 16,533):
  • $200 of ACN at $79.24 Yield 2.35%.
  • $100 of PM at $81.87. Yield 4.59%. 
  • $100 of AFL at $63.26. Yield 2.34%.
$400 of new capital invested adding $11.62 to my annual dividend income.

 Note:  Initial purchase of Accenture (ACN).


  1. Never heard of Accenture before. Did some reading and it looks like a very interesting company. And no withholding tax on UK dividends! I'll be doing some more digging when I return home next week. I'm in Chattanooga on business this week. How/why did you decide to initiate a position in ACN?

  2. Just noticed it's an Irish company. Oups.

  3. Hi ADY, Accenture has done some consulting/ IT outsourcing for the company I work for. Ive been following them for a bit..good growth story, growing dividend, shareholder friendly, wide moat, etc, and decided to initiate a position after their recent earnings miss.

    I am also looking to add a little more growth to my portfolio and see ACN a good fit.

    I do think its fairly valued here and will add more agressively the lower it goes.