Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases- V, KMR, KMI, ACN

Reporting my weekly buys that went through last week and today.

Last weeks purchases 5/6 (Dow 16,401):
  • $200 of V at $206.31 Yield .78%.
  • $125 of KMR at $71.94. Yield 7.67%.
  • $125 of KMI at $32.69. Yield 5.13%. 
$450 of new capital invested adding $17.56 to my annual dividend income.

This weeks purchases 5/13 (Dow 16,715):
  • $150 of ACN at $79.88. Yield 2.33%.
  • $150 of KMR at $70.87. Yield 7.79%.
  • $150 of KMI at $32.42. Yield 5.18%.
 $450 of new capital invested adding $22.94 to my annual dividend income.

Note: Both KMI and KMR are sitting close to 52 week lows and I will continue to add at these levels. 

Today's Kinder purchases pushed me over $1500 go forward annual Kinder dividends.


  1. We also own KMI in our family's dividend stocks portfolio and looking for opportunities to add to our current holdings. Sounds like you have quite of few shares. Are you a bit concerned with their payout ratio?

  2. Frugal Family, good question. Its something to keep on eye on but if you measure by free cash flow, KMI's dividend coverage ratio is 1.31 times payout.

    According to latest quarter, KMI’s cash available to pay dividends increased to $573 million. That’s a 12% boost year-over-year.

    I trust Richard Kinder and am happy to have our goals equally alligned!