Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases- V, PG, CVX, AFL

Reporting my weekly buys that went through last week and today.

Last weeks purchases 6/10 (Dow 16,946):
  • $150 of V at $214.15. Yield .75%.
  • $100 of CVX at $124.81. Yield 3.43%.
  • $100 of PG at $80.24. Yield 3.21%. 
$350 of new capital invested adding $7.76 to my annual dividend income.

This weeks purchases 6/17 (Dow 16,808):
  • $200 of V at $210.81. Yield .76%.
  • $100 of AFL at $62.65. Yield 2.36%.
  • $100 of PG at $79.42. Yield 3.24%.
 $400 of new capital invested adding $7.12 to my annual dividend income.

Note: Still waiting for a pull back to put larger amounts of capital into the market.  Feel like I have been saying that for a while.  Will continue to nibble as I wait.


  1. AA,

    Nice buys. I see you're buying V. That's one I've been eyeing lately as well. The yield leaves a lot to be desired, but the growth and buybacks are mighty, mighty impressive. And the FCF is just off the charts.

    Best wishes!

  2. DM, Ive been following V since 2011 and always liked the company. Unfortunately it doubled as I was watching and never pulled the trigger. Its a little pricey here, the yield is low, but think V is a long term winner. Will add more aggresively the lower it goes.

    Take care!

  3. Nice buys, my favorite is PG. A little pricey with a P/E of 21 but yield and stable growing dividends makes it still a long term hold in my opinion. Cheers! AFFJ

  4. AFFJ, I agree. I think PG is a little pricey here but still IMO would generate 7-8% long term returns for buys at these levels. Low beta conservative play with not too much risk when the market tides eventually turn.


  5. Thanks for sharing your recent purchases. V and AFL look good to me. I just added more AFL in May and June. I think the relative values can be found in the financial sector. My recent buys have mostly been in that space.

  6. Happy Healthy Wealthy Girl,
    Thanks for the comment. Hard to wrong with PG and CVX when they are selling at decent value.

    cheers, AA

  7. DivHut, I agreewith your assesment. I think AFL is good value here. V is a little pricey but like the long term prospects.

    take care, AA