Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases- ACN, KMR, PM

Reporting my weekly buys that went through today.  Market was down 118 points to close at 16,907.
2/3 of the purchases were up for the day.

Today's buys: 
  • $125 of ACN at $81.03. Yield 2.30%.
  • $125 of KMR at $77.22. Yield 7.15%.
  • $125 of PM at $86.56. Yield 4.34%.
$375 of new capital invested adding $17.24 to my annual dividend income.

Note: $19 away from $1200 annual go-forward dividends from PM.  Should be able to close on that goal within the next month or so.


  1. $1200 in dividends in just 1 stock... thats really wonderful. I am looking to hit just about 1500 in dividends in my entire portfolio. I really miss the Sharebuilder account that you and few others have ($12 for 12 trades) to do small weekly trades. They don't have that account option anymore.

  2. Dividend Growth Journey, thanks for the comment. I made my initial purchase of PM over 4 years ago so it has taken me a while to get to this point but I am pretty excited to hit $300/ quarter from one holding.

    In lieu the old Sharebuilder program, you may want to check out A Frugal Family's Journey's blog. I think he gets something like 100 free trades a year with his broker.


    1. Dividend Growth Journey - I have a Well Fargo PMA Account but I believe you need to have at least $250K in assets/liabilities with WF to qualify. We have our mortgage with WF so it made it much easier to qualify.

      If you can't qualify for a PMA account, you may want to look into a Loyal3 account. Although your not getting real time trades becuase they trade in batches, the trades are completely free.

  3. PM a bit beat up latley, yield still there so its a good buy!

  4. Way to keep adding assets AA! I need to stop worrying about market highs and just start investing on at least a bi-weekly basis. After all, I do get 100 free trades a year. :)

    Wishing you continued success! AFFJ

  5. Asset Grinder, PM is one of my largest holdings and will nibble a little in the mid $80's. I really like it at a 5% yield entry!

    Cheers, AA

  6. AFFJ, that 100 free trades a year is a pretty sweet deal! I think we may have a bit of a correction coming with all of the worldwide tension that is rapidly escalating. Market hates uncertainty.

    Take care! AA