Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases- BBL, AFL

Reporting my automatic buys from last week.

Last weeks purchases 9/23 (Dow 17,056):
  • $250 of BBL at $57.06. Yield 4.35%.  
  • $200 of AFL at $58.43. Yield 2.54%
.$450 of new capital invested adding $15.94 to my annual dividend income.

Note: BBL at 52 week lows.


  1. Both good choices. I really love BBL at these prices. Have you heard anything recently about their potential spinoff of non-core metals assets?

  2. DD,yea BBL has gotten pounded over the last month or so and is now yielding over 4.5%. This is the highest yield I have seen since I initiated a position in March 2012. I think its a buy here and not too worried about the spinoff of the non-core metal assets which contribute a small % of overall revenue.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. AFL is a good purchase at these levels. One of my largest holdings I plan to make AFL a core stock. Seems like many DGI bloggers have been adding to AFL as its low PE makes it even more attractive. Thanks for sharing.

  4. DivHut- looking forward to seeing what kind of dividend increase we see this month with AFL. Last 2 increases have been light.

    cheers, AA