Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases- CVX, RDS.B, BBL, GE

Volatility has returned to the market and we are starting to enter 10% correction territory.

Here are my weekly buys that went through yesterday-

This weeks purchases 10/13 (Dow 16,315):
  • $300 of CVX at $112.07. Yield 3.82%.
  • $300 of BBL at $54.05. Yield 4.59%. 
  • $250 of RDS.B at $72.31. Yield 5.20%.
  • $200 of GE at $24.50. Yield 3.59%.
$1050 of new capital invested adding $45.40 to my annual dividend income.

Note: Chevron is now approaching 4%.  I have been a shareholder since the middle of 2010 and the highest initial yield I have seen was 3.94% back in July 2010.  It was trading at $73 and paying out $.72 quarterly.  I will continue to add at these levels and will be more aggressive at 4% ($107).  I would like to bring CVX to a full position.

This was my first addition to Shell this year.  I have a full position in Shell but will start adding more if it gets below $70.

On my radar for next week: CVX, BBL, MCD, V, ACN, AFL


  1. AA,

    I bought those four stocks this week also. Hell I may just keep buying them for next several weeks as they continue to look good at these levels. Keep up the great work!


  2. MDP, yea, I think all 4 look goo here. I really want to bring my position of CVX up to a full position so will keep adding at these levels and obviosly lower.

    keep up the great work yourself!

    Cheers, AA

  3. Hi,

    I'm just curious, but how do you determine what a full position is, for your portfolio? Based on total # of stocks, based on sector, etc.,?

    Just curious. I've recently started my very small snowball.

  4. Anon- I base it on $ and % of portfolio. Full postions for me are generally in the 5% range.

    So if my portfolio value was $100k, I would consider a $5k position as full postion.

    cheers, AA

  5. Very nice buys! Also bought some BBL using sharebuilder automatic program in the last 2 weeks. I am keeping an eye on UL also for next week ;)

    Keep it up!

  6. As Shit was hitting the fan I had to pick up something! I ended up buying a $500 lot in both AFL and SON! Big fan of CVX right now (they were my Sept $500 lot purchase).

    Haven't bough the others since they aren't in the dividend champion list

  7. Fab,

    Good pickup on the BBL! Also congrats on signing up with Sharebuilder. I have been a very happy customer for a few years now. You will see the constant investing builds up after a while!


  8. Evan, I like AFL and CVX alot at these levels. Not familiar with SON but quick glance looks interesting.

    Since you mention the dividend champions, I do think MCD looks good at these levels.

    Keep up the good work!