Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases- BBL, BP, CVX, PM

Catch up post. Reporting my buys that went through over the past 2 weeks and today.

12/23 Purchases (Dow 18,024):
  • $500 of BBL at $43.00. Yield 5.77%
  • $500 of BP at $38.75. Yield 6.19%
  • $250 of CVX at $113.83. Yield 3.76%
$1250 of new capital invested and adding $69.21 to annual income.

Last weeks purchases 12/30 (Dow 17,983):
  • $200 of PM at $82.71. Yield 4.84%.
+ $9.67 annual income.

This weeks purchases 1/6 (Dow 17,372):
  • $250 of BBL at $40.66. Yield 6.10%
  • $300 of BP at $36.08. Yield 6.65%
  • $200 of CVX at $107.78. Yield 3.97% 
$750 of new capital invested and adding $43.15 to annual income.

Note:  Oil at 5 year lows- around $48 a barrel.  Same names as above on my radar for next week.  CAT is approaching 3%.  Like DEO also.


  1. I've noticed you have been investing heavily in the energy sector and oil stocks in particular. Do you have for example a certain weight of your portfolio you wouldn't like to exceed or are you going to add to your holdings in the energy sector as long as you feel there's value there? I'm a bit torn between adding to the energy sector and standing put as I don't want oil being in too big a weight in my portfolio.

    1. Investing for time, my portfolio is around 25% energy/ basic materials and I put my capital where I think the value is. At this point, I will keep adding to energy and based on the red I am seeing, I will probaly stay around 25% or lower:)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I'm with you. I continue to accumulate oil and gas shares. I've been picking up BP and Chevron every month or 2 in larger dollar amounts rather than weekly.

    1. Adam, looking back at my investing history, alot of my best returns occured when I felt a little sick when I was buying them. I think we are there with some of the energy/ material names. BBL in particular. As long as there are no dividend cuts, I think we will do well with buys at these levels.


  3. I think these are great purchases to take advantage of the low energy sector price. I've been doing the same as well.

    1. Could be a real rocky 2015 with pain and therefore opportunities in energy, materials, and cyclicals. I will do my best to hold my nose and keep adding.

  4. Nice job grabbing oil while it's cheap. It is going to be a rocky year for the energy sector, but it will be on top again in 2016.

    1. Dividend Dreams, I have to believe that these buys will look very attractive in 3 to 5 years.

      Thanks for the comment, congrats on your new blog, and welcome to passive income/ financial independence community!

      cheers, AA

  5. I just bought some CAT today. It is currently yielding 3.5%.