Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sharebuilder Weekly Purchases- KMI,CAT

Reporting my weekly buys that went through the past week.

This weeks purchases 9/29 (Dow 16,049)
  • $250 of KMI at $27.50. Yield 7.13%.
  • $250 of CAT at $64.83. Yield 4.75%.
 $500 of new capital invested and adding $29.70 to my annual dividend income.

Note: 4.75% yield on CAT. Need to check to see when last time CAT yield was that high. I am sure Average Dividend Yield is watching!

KMI's yield is now at the old KMR yield.  The sky is falling!

Going to try to post my Q3 summary over the next few days.

Keep Feeding The Fire


  1. Thanks for the good ideas on Dividend Investing. Hope you can exit the rat race soon!

    1. It will be a while before I leave the rat race but I will keep chugging along!

      Thanks for stopping bu!

  2. You got a great buy in KMI, the stock is already up more than $5 since your purchase. Roughly 16% return in a week is amazing! Keep grabbing great companies at tremendous value my friend.

    Best wishes and continued success! AFFJ

    1. AFFJ,you got me beat with your KMI purchase! Nice grab on RDS as well! RDS at $46...stooopid!

      Keep up the awesome bottom fishing!