Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Q4 Update

Dividends Received

Total dividends received during the quarter were $3,889.


Q4's purchases ($7,350):
  • $400 of AAPL at $112.83.
  • $500 of ABBV at $55.52. 
  • $200 of ABT at $40.51.
  • $950 of BBL at $26.65.
  • $350 of BP at $31.71.
  • $550 of CAT at $68.23
  • $100 of CVX at $87.66
  • $400 of DEO at $112.01
  • $1000 of GILD at $100.73
  • $1300 of KMI at $26.36
  • $150 of PG at $75.70
  • $1450 at RDS.B at $48.41 
$10,988 in total new capital added (including reinvested dividends).

Dividend Increases

  • KMI 4.08% raise. +$68.54 annual income.
  • AFL 5.1% raise. +$40.98 annual income.
  • ABBV 12% raise. +$72.27 annual income.
  • MCD 4.7% raise. +$16.70 annual income.
  • EMR 1% raise. +$2.14 annual income.
  • INTC 8.3% raise. +$58.42 annual income.
  • BDX 10% raise. +33.58 annual income.
  • ABT 8.3% raise. +$23.27 annual income.
Total: $315.90

Dividend Decreases

  • KMI 75% decrease. -$1,397.06 annual income.

Annualized Dividend Income

All together, annualized dividend income decreased by $516 from Q3 total of $16,772 to $16,256. This means my dividend stocks will pay $16,256 in dividends over the next 12 months.


  • Lending Club interest received: $216.16
  • Bank interest received: $41.80
Total Q3 passive income: $4,192.

Note: KMI dividend cut hurt but I will recover. Very possible BBL cut could happen in the near future.  I will weather the storm regardless and keep feeding the fire.


  1. Still good outcome despite the dividend decrease. I envy your dividend income. Obviously you've worked hard for so congrats.

    1. Sam, thanks for the comment. Nothing to be envious about- Ive been at this for a few years and it can easily be repeated.

      cheers, AA

  2. AA,

    Nice quarter! That KMI cut was a real kick in the nuts. Keep fighting and adding. I'm back at the base of the mountain, but plan on climbing real fast. :-)


    1. MDP, that div cut was a trainwreck crashing into a dumpster fire. It's in the rearview mirror now though.

      Look forward to watching you climb back up the mountain. Im sure it wont take too long with your drive:)

      cheers, AA

  3. Great job with the dividend stream. My dividends are also increasing, slow but sure. I try not to pick stocks anymore, just S&P index ETFs for now.

    1. Thanks No Nonsense Landlord. I admire your rental portfolio and would love to diversify into rental real estate but live in really high cost area and am apprehensive about long distance investing. So until I can figure out a game plan, its dividend stocks for me.

      cheers, AA

  4. You definitely put a lot of fresh capital to work. That should really boost your divvy income going into Q1 of 2016. Great results all around and from a few names we share as well. Keep up the good work. Look forward to following your journey in 2016.

    1. Div Hut, I think we will see some opportunities in 2016 but also think I will see some more dividend cuts- bbl jumps out.

      I know we both like CAT and I think buying at 5% yield will look very attractive when looking back in 5 years.

      Keep up the good work yourself.


  5. Great dividends. Love your 100% consistency since I started following your blog like what? Three years ago?

    1. Thanks Martin. Yea, its been 3 plus years and we are only in the initial stages!

      cheers! AA

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