Saturday, July 9, 2016

2016 Q2 Update

Dividends Received

Total dividends received during the quarter were $3,959.


Q2's purchases ($7,800):
  • $750 of AAPL at $93.85
  • $500 of ABT at $38.99
  • $150 of BBL at $23.71
  • $200 of BP at $31.65
  • $150 of CAT at $76.93
  • $825 of DEO at $105.95
  • $700 of DIS at $97.99
  • $1250 of GILD at $84.70
  • $1025 of RDS.B at $49.94
  • $1050 of TEVA at $52.90
  • $1100 of TIF at $61.52
  • $100 of V at $78.21
$11,319 in total new capital added (including reinvested dividends).

Dividend Increases

  • JNJ 6.7% raise. +$45.77 annual income. 
  • AAPL 9.6% raise. +$24.61 annual income. 
  • EXC 2.4% raise. +$9.00 annual income.
  • PG 1% raise. +$72.27 annual income.
Total: $90.61

Annualized Dividend Income

All together, annualized dividend income increased $468 from Q1 total of $15,855 to $16,323. This means my dividend stocks will pay $16,323 in dividends over the next 12 months.


  • Lending Club interest received: $785
  • Bank interest received: $123
Total Q2 passive income: $4,867.

Note: Sorry for lack of posting but we welcomed twin boys into the family in April and I have been extremely busy!  I do keep plugging along.  Hope the big dividend cuts from the past 6 months are behind us!

Keep Feeding The Fire


  1. Fantastic quarterly update. Nice job adding a bunch of quality stocks to your portfolio.

    1. IH, thanks for the comment. Value is definetly getting harder and harder to find at this point.

      cheers, AA

  2. Congratulations Accumulating Assets!

    That is a great month total and congratulations also on the twin boys. I recently had a son of my own and am up to two kids now myself. Keep in touch,

    Passive Income Dude

    1. PID, congrats on the birth of your recent son and congrats on starting your blog. Looks like you are off to a great start with both your stock and rental portfolio!

      cheers, AA

  3. I keep checking in on you. I love the consistency. I too hope the major cuts are behind us. I may get on your posting schedule with starting a restaurant and having a child on the way myself. Congrats on the twins and the wonderful quarterly results!

  4. That is awesome.
    Great work my friend.

  5. Congrats on twins boys...and your continue success in adding quality stocks to build passive dividend income..