Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sharebuilder Weekly Purchases

Reporting November's purchases so far-

11/1 (Dow 18,037):
  • $300 of NKE at $50.10. Yield 1.28%
  • $300 of ABBV at $56.46. Yield 4.53% 

  11/8 (Dow 18,260):
  • $200 of DEO at $104.94. Yield 3.25% 
  • $150 of TEVA at $38.87. Yield 2.97% . 

   11/15 (Dow 18,923):
  • $250 of DEO at $100.27. Yield 3.40% 
  • $250 of PM at $87.75. Yield 4.74% 
  • $200 of RDS.B at $52.44. Yield 7.17% 

Note: Started position in Nike last month. Been slacking with the posting but am going to try to get on a weekly update schedule again.


  1. You picked up quite a few names. Nice to see the buys continue to roll in. Like DEO, TEVA, ABBV, PM and the NKE pick ups. No matter how you look at it you picked up some great current yield.

  2. Good pickups they will pay dividends later on lol

  3. I don't understand why Nike? They valuation is not as pretty as other companies out there; their dividend yield does not match most stocks in your portfolio what do you see in then could you please elaborate? Keep up the good work brother your posts are motivating.