Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Bitcoin vs 1956 Iconic baseball card

I am an investor.

Dividend growth investing primarily over the past 10 years. 

JNJ, BDX, LMT, ABBV, ABT, PG, PEP, MO,PM, INTC, RDS...and AAPL. And some real losers- GE, TEVA, KMI, C

Overall, these investments have done pretty well (thank you AAPL!)

Over the past couple months. I have expanded my traditional equity investments into an old hobby of mine when I was a little kid- baseball cards .

Since my new interest in the hobby, I have added some great cards to my collection- “investment”.

1959 Hank Aaron- RIP (PSA 5)

1960 Bob Gibson (PSA 7)


1969 Reggie Jackson (PSA 4)

And the jewel of my collection ,1956 Jackie Robinson (PSA 5)


I have also “gone down the rabbit hole” over the past few months with Bitcoin and Macro Economics.

Thank you Pomp

George Gammon

Real Vision and Raul Pal

And Dr. Saifedean Ammous "The Bit Coin Standard"

And Reserved Investments for tying investing and "collecting" together for me

So with that said, What’s a better investment? An Iconic “hard asset” in a iconic baseball card or Bitcoin?

I have to admit I am a little mad as I write this.

Roberto Clemente is a must for a collector “investor”.

1956 topps is one of the most sought after years..

1956 Clemente is almost as blue chip as baseball collecting “investing" as they come

I wanted one.

So.one came up and it looked pretty good and iniatally priced ar  good value "investment".

I wanted to be aggressive!  Ive lost alot recently and wanted this card.  

Rated a SGC 5.

I bidded the highest bid by $25 at the 1sec mark! I win it and was $$ higher then the last offer.

Then eBay told me I didn’t win..There was a higher bidder and they won?

Have to admit.. I was pissed.

So I bought same amount of Bitcoin.

Iconic baseball card vs Bitcoin.. let’s see what happens

1956 Roberto Clemente = $430.07
Bitcoin: .0136 at $31,600= $429.76


  1. Good to see you back!

    eBay does that.. they hide the real highest bid to make you bid.. when you do they tell you were overbid..

  2. I can tell you what happens. BTC wins.