Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today's workout

Strongman training-

I have been taking it easy and really trying not to aggravate my bicep. I have been skipping allot of the events.

12" log - clean and press each rep. 235/ 4 in 1:15.
-Hit 3 in less then 60 seconds. Bicep bothering me a little on these.

Yoke- 540/ 50ft, 620/ 50ft, 670/ 40ft
-back felt good

tire drags- 200+tire/ 50 ft x 2 sets
-heavy drag!

My weight is around 222. I have been making good upper body gains in the gym. Hit a big PR on Monday. Hit 265+ bands on the overhead.

My back is also feeling better. It has been jacked up for as long as I remember.

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