Saturday, April 26, 2008


This is my first post in quite a while.

Since my last past, I ruptured my bicep while training for nationals (missed nationals), spent 3 weeks in Central America, and almost took another job selling computer security software.

I ruptured my bicep shortly after my last post. I got sloppy during the tire flip (900 lb tire) and felt a pop in my right bicep. Unfortunately (dumb move), I did not get it treated immediately.

Over the past 2 months, I got an MRI and have seen 2 specialist. The first orthopedic thought I may be too late for surgery and said my right arm would never be 100% again. He said I would have 65%-75% strength in the arm. My bicep, while not a complete tear, did tear somewhat and since I did not get it fixed, it reattached (but in a weakened state). He said surgery could be an option but they would have to cut out another tendon (knee) to replace the bicep tendon. I thought this was a terrible idea.

The second specialist (who specializes in arm injuries) recommended I stop lifting any weights for the next 6 months after which he could reevaluate and could determine if he could operate. I also thought this was a terrible idea and told him I would not stop lifting weights. We compromised and I am not doing any pulling/ curling movements. He also gave me a script for a daily anti-inflammatory which I have been taking. It has been working. My bicep is not nearly as achy as it used to be and it seems to be getting better. I have a follow up appointment middle of next month.

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