Friday, September 23, 2011

Terrible week but finally some good news

Worst week in the market in 3 years ended on a bit of a high note.

Market had first winning day this week gaining 38 points to close at 10,771 but the real good news was delivered by Lockheed Martin.

Lockheed announced a 33% dividend increase from $.75 quarterly to $1.00.

This increase has LMT now yielding 5.55% (based on today's close of $72.09) and more importanetly will pay me an additional $88.51 over the next 12 months.

I will continue to DCA into LMT below $75.

This has been a very good month for dividend increases with LMT, VZ, and PM all increasing dividends. All told, I will receive an extra $137.32 for the next 12 months from these 3 stocks.

In other news, PM's got hammered today.

Gold was down $102 (-5.85%) to close at $1640.
Silver got punished big time and was down almost 18% (-$6.47) to close at $30.10.

I have my eye to pick up some more bullion on this dip and perhaps initiate a position in CEF. CEF was down 9% to close at $21.21.


  1. hi, want to look at CEF. had not checked it out.

  2. Inq, I have not pulled trigger but I believe CEF represents the best way for "electronic" exposure to precious metals.

    It is 50/50 gold/silver.