Monday, December 16, 2013

November 2013 Update

Man this year has flown by and Christmas is already upon us.  I start my 2 week Christmas vacation next week.  I plan on doing a lot of relaxing with the family, enjoying good food and drink, and getting my 2014 goals and plan together.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas holidays!

November's results:

Dividends Received

Total dividends received during the month were $721.74
  • KMR $165.20
  • KMI $100.35
  • ABBV $111.17
  • PG $84.32
  • CAT $64.27
  • PAYX $50.10
  • AAPL $46.80
  • VZ $43.64
  • ABT $38.26
  • CLX $17.63


This months purchases:
  • $700 of TEVA at $37.58. Yield 2.67%.
  • $450 of KMI at $34.89. Yield 4.70%.
  • $250 of KMR at $74.94. Yield  7.21%
  • $300 of PM at $85.19. Yield 4.41%. 
  • $300 of CAT at $83.72. Yield  2.87%.
  • $250 of KMR at $75.41. Yield 7%.
  • $100 of BBL at $59.68. Yield 3.95%.
  • $100 of RDS.A at $66.82. Yield 5.39%.
Also reinvested all dividends.
$3,075 in total new capital added (including reinvested dividends) with initial yield of 4.31%. 

Dividend Increases

  • BDX 10.1% raise. +$26.96 annual income.
  • EMR 4.9% raise. +$5.95 annual income.

All together, annualized dividend income increased by $167 from last months total of  $11,181 to $11,348. This means my dividend stocks will pay $11,348 in dividends over the next 12 months.


  • Lending Club interest received: $147.94
  • Bank interest received: $55.32

Total passive income: $925

Note: I have been a little light on the purchases the last couple months and unless I make some moves in the next 2 weeks, will fall short of my 2013 goal of $12,000 go forward dividends.

I will hit my goal of $12,000 passive income.


  1. $12k in passive income.....great job AA! I'm less than half that, but it's compounding like crazy. Keep up the great work. Here's hoping for a sell off in the new year so we can both put big money to work.

  2. Bryan, thanks man! Keep on feeding the machine!

    A think a selloff is inevitable and we can both go in big.


  3. AA I totally envy you that monthly income! I wish I could get to that milestone myself. I only have $175 monthly on both my accounts together, but I started DGI last year, hopefully next year my income will increase. Good job.
    And Merry Christmas.

    The pic from Italy is great.

  4. Thanks Martin. $175/ month is a good start and will only grow from here. Merry Christmas to you as well and prosperous 2014!