Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases- PM, KMI, KMR

 Reporting my weekly buys that went through today.

Market was down 8 points to close at 15,875.

This weeks purchases:
  • $500 of PM at $84.67. Yield 4.44%.
  • $250 of KMI at $32.98. Yield 4.97%.
  • $250 of KMR at $72.33. Yield 7.47%.
$1000 of new capital invested adding $53.31 to my annual dividend income.

Note: These Kinder purchases pushed me over $1200 go forward annual dividends from KMI/KMR. Short term goal met.

My two remaining short terms goals are $1200 go forward dividends from PM and $1200 from Shell.

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  1. I have heard a lot about kinder morgan the company sounds more like a banking company than a company in the industrial area.