Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sharebuilder Weekly DRIP Purchases- KMI, PM, MCD

Reporting my weekly purchases that went through today.

Market closed at 16,351.

This weeks purchases:
  • $250 of KMI at $31.74. Yield 5.17%.
  • $125 of PM at $80.16. Yield 4.69%.
  • $125 of MCD at $98.45. Yield 3.29%.
$500 of new capital invested adding $22.89 to my annual dividend income.

Note: KMI continues to sit at 52 week low and is now trading at my cost basis. MCD did jump almost 4% today after the CFO said they may look to return more cash to shareholders including taking on more debt to increase share buybacks.


  1. AA,

    I like the buys. Oil and tobacco seem to be pretty good values here! I was hoping MCD would drop to the low 90's. I may have to wait a while to initiate a position. Keep plugging away!

  2. Thanks MDP.

    I obviously agree with you on oil and tobacco and think they represent some of the best values in the market right now. I will keep adding at these levels and lower.