Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sharebuilder Weekly DRIP Purchases- KMR, KMI, PM, MO

Reporting my weekly purchases that went through earlier in the week on Tuesday.

This weeks purchases 2/25 (Dow 16,180):
  • $300 of KMR at $71.70. Yield 7.59%.
  • $100 of KMI at $32.44. Yield 5.06%.
  • $150 of PM at $79.92. Yield 4.71%. 
  • $50 of MO at $35.86. Yield 5.35%.
$600 of new capital invested adding $37.56 to my annual dividend income.

Note: KMR and KMI both sitting at 52 weeks thanks in large part to an unfavorable Barron's article that came out on Monday. The article questioned the KMI- KMP financial relationship, said Kinder was unattractive compared to other big MLP's, and questioned Kinder's reported cash flow and true maintenance costs.  It also quoted the opinion of an analyst (who has been a vocal critic of Kinder) who said KMI was worth $20 and KMP $50.  At $20, KMI would be yielding over 8% and KMP at $50 would be close to 11%!

I believe this is all just noise and am happy to buy more shares that are now on sale.

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