Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases- BP, BBL, CVX, DEO

Reporting my weekly buys that went through earlier this week.

This weeks purchases 11/18 (Dow 17,688):
  • $500 of BP at $41.28. Yield 5.81%
  • $250 of BBL at $52.20. Yield 4.76%
  • $200 of CVX at $115.42. Yield 3.71%
  • $200 of DEO at $119.05. Yield 2.91%
$1150 of new capital invested adding $54.20 to my annual dividend income.

Note:  Energy continues to be attractive and I will keep on adding.


  1. Great pick ups all around. Clearly a commodity play with these purchases except DEO. Have DEO as a long time holding in my portfolio. Solid all around.

  2. Impressive that your saving $1150!! Booyah to you!

  3. Some fantastic buys! I love the pickup of BP at that price. I see you are taking advantage of the depressed oil prices, which is awesome in this up market.

  4. DivHut, thanks for the comment. BBL is hitting new lows today so I will most likely add again next week. DEO is one that seems to rarley go on sale.


  5. Joshua,
    Thanks man. I typically am more agressive when I see good companies on sale.

    Cheers, AA

  6. Special Agent,
    This was my inital purchase of BP and will look to keep adding as long as the shares are depressed like they are now. Buy low, right?

    Thanks for the comment!


  7. Great pick up all around. I like all of these pick up.