Saturday, October 6, 2007

2007 MUSCLE DRIVER USA NAS INC National Championships

Nationals is the next contest on my horizon. Its the biggest amateur contest of the year. Winner gets their pro card and is 2007 amateur national champion. It takes place November 16 in Las Vegas.

Events are as follow:
1) 80lb kettlebell clean and press. Max reps in 60 seconds. Kettlebell is taken from the ground to the shoulder, and then pressed.

2)Farmers walk. 260lbs per hand. 80 feet turns. Max distance.

3)Yoke walk. 700lbs for 80ft. Fastest time wins

4) Tire flip. 800 lb tire for 80 feet. Fastest time wins

5) Atlas stones. 5 stone series- 240, 280, 300, 300, 365

There will be over 100 competitors. My goal is a top 5 finish.

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