Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 2012 Dividend Income Update

Dividends Received

Total dividends received during the month were $502.05:
  • ABT $136.65
  • KMR $119.41
  • PG $75.57
  • KMI $59.74
  • PAYX $45.38
  • VZ $40.64
  • CLX $15.39
  • CAT $9.27


This months purchases:
  • $4175 of INTC at $19.62. Yield 4.59%.
  • $1325 of MCD at $86.30. Yield 3.57%.
  • $400 of MO at $31.78. Yield 5.54%
  • $400 of PM at $86.27. Yield 3.94%.
  • $400 of RDS.B at $68.22. Yield 5.04%.
  • $400 of KMI at $33.33. Yield 4.32%.
  • $250 of CAT at $82.64. Yield 2.52%.  
  • $200 of CVX at $103.66. Yield 3.47%
Also reinvested all dividends.
$8,052 in total new capital added (including reinvested dividends) with initial yield of 4.34%. 

Dividend Increases

  • BDX 10% raise. +$23.75 annual income.
  • EMR 2.5% raise. +$2.89 annual income. 

All together, annualized dividend income increased by $376 from last months total of $8,321 to $8,697. This means my dividend stocks will pay $8,605 in dividends over the next 12 months.


  1. Over $500 in dividends and putting $8k to work is awesome. I'm still behind both of those levels right now but it's a slow process that will eventually work out. The accumulation phase sucks in the beginning but I'm already seeing progress. Congrats.

  2. Great job man. You're killing it.

    I can only wish I could put $8k of fresh capital into my portfolio in one single month. That's really excellent. Your day job must be treating you very well.

    Keep up the great work!!

    Best wishes.

  3. Passive Income Pursuit,

    Thanks man. Just keep plugging away, month after month, and you will be at these levels and surpass them!

    Cheers! AA

  4. DM,

    Thanks! I just try to make positive progress each month. I find tracking my income gains month after month very motivational!


  5. holy smokes! 8k of fresh capital in a month? Wow, you really are killing it. That's some amazing firepower you're working with. You should be able to retire in no time!

    Best wishes!

  6. FI Fighter,

    Thanks for checking in! My portfolio is heavy cash right now and I am patiently waiting to deploy larger sums of capital.