Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases

Market was down 24 points to close at 13,115.  Today's buys:
  • $250 of TEVA at $37.62. Yield 2.09%. 
  • $250 of PM at $83.29. Yield 4.08%.  
  • $200 of MO at $31.46. Yield 5.59%.
  • $200 of INTC at $20.77. Yield 4.33%
 Total purchases of $900 adding $35.38 to my annual dividend income.


  1. I like all of these buys even though I don't own TEVA yet. They do have some impressive growth numbers though.

    I like your strategy and it has convinced me to open a sharebuilder account to save on commissions and spread the risk between a few different brokerage accounts. I should start contributing to it in February.

    One question, is there a certain day of the week that you have to buy on and do you have to buy at the stock's closing price?

    Take care.

  2. Nice call on picking up PM at these prices.

  3. All About Interest,

    Thanks for stopping by!

    The investments go through on Tuesdays. You can select to make purchases once a month, every 2 weeks, or every week (which I do).

    From my experience, the buys typically go through in the morning of the trading day as market orders.

    I have been using this sharebuilder account for about 2 years and have been happy with the strategy.


  4. Anonymous,

    Yes, PM is one of my largest positions and I believe it is decent value at these prices.

    Thanks for checking in!


  5. I'm not really a huge fan of INTC. I perfer Qualcomm, but INTC does have a much more attractive yield.