Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sharebuilder DRIP Purchases

We have had a little rally over the past week.  Market was up 79 points to close at 13,248.

Today's buys:
  • $250 of EXC at $30.05. Yield 6.99%.  I am currently down about 20% on my EXC position and I do think there is a good chance for a divided cut next year.  With that said, I do think it is over soldI am not going to aggressively add to this position but do think it offers value in the $30 and below price range.  Of course I could be catching a falling knife.
  • $200 of INTC at $20.59. Yield 4.37%.
  • $200 of RDS.B at $70.33. Yield 4.89%.  
  • $200 of KMI at $33.35. Yield 4.32%.
Total purchases of $850 adding $44.63 to my annual dividend income. 


  1. All your MCD purchases are looking real nice right now. I think at $89 it is close to being fairly valued. I like your move to pass on MCD this week.

  2. Thanks! I think MCD is still attractive here @ $89.50, but like purchases at 3.5% yield and better :)

  3. I'm jealous of your consistent purchases every week even if they are smaller purchases. I usually get to make between 2-4 larger purchases each month. Of course I have to try and pick my price. I really like that you get to DCA a lot easier. I need to start looking into RDS.B. I've been hoping to get some CVX but haven't looked too much at Shell. KMI is high on my list to add to. Nice buys!

  4. Passive Income Pursuit,

    Thanks for dropping in!

    The DCA plan with smaller purchases has worked well for me and I am happy with the results.

    I like CVX as well (and am long). I am waiting for a pullback to add to my position.

    I like your MDT buy and have been following the stock for some time. Nice buy on that one!