Monday, October 27, 2008

Another 200 point drop

Just another day. Panic selling continues. Valuations have been thrown out the window. Dividend yields are getting high.

GE- $17.7. 7% yield. PE 8.7
X- $30.82. PE 3
AA- $9.04. 7.2% yield. PE 4.28
CAT- $31.90. 5% yield. PE 5.4
BBY- $21.50. PE 6.8
Exxon- $66. PE 8.18
AXP- $23. PE 8.18
MOS- $26.50. PE 3.99
POT- $63.88. PE 6.67
GS- $92.88. PE 5.58

HTE- $7.69. 37.2% yield!

I will probaly look back at this post in the future and will not believe how cheap these stocks are right now.

When you go to the supermarket and see that Pepsi is on sale for 20% off, do you think to yourself, heck I'm not going to buy Pepsi again until they raise the price? The stock market is not different.

When you hear, the stock market is at a new high, that is a time to sell. If you hear the stock market is down 30%, that is the time to buy.

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