Thursday, October 2, 2008


BBY - down 5% today. 52 week low of $34.40. In 2 plus years of watching this stock, I have never seen it this low. This is a well run, good company. PE of 10.8. Forward PE of 9.7.

I sold on 8/11 at $45.85. Its is down 25% since then.

Could the market be predicting a very poor Christmas thus severly pounding the stock?

This is a BUY. BTW- tmmrw is Ex Dividend date.

MOS- down 41.27% today! Closed at $39.65. This stock was $160 in June.

MOS makes fertilizer and credit concerns (especially in Latin America) along with a slow down in the global economy are crushing this stock.

MOS widely missed Wall Street expectations and an analyst downgraded the shares.

For the period ending Aug. 31, Mosaic earned $1.18 billion, or $2.65 per share on revenue of $4.32 billion. Analysts expected a higher profit of $2.94 per share on revenue of $4.11 billion.

PE of 8.5. Forward PE of 2.35!

AAPL- closed at $100.10. Down $9 today- about 8%.

Apple was trading in the $170's in August!

PE of 19.5. Forward PE of 16.85

Is this entering value play territory?

I will revist these in the future.

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