Thursday, October 9, 2008

Groundhog Day and more carnage

I feel like we are in the movie Ground Hog Day. Repeat performance of every other day this month. 6th straight triple digit loss in the DOW.

I left for lunch today with the market being down 50 points or so. I get back and it is down over 600 points. It closed down 679. I felt physically ill.

Highlights (or lowlights):
GM lost 31% to close at $4.76- the lowest level since 1950.
FAF down almost 8! 27% loss in one day.
LFG down 37% to close at $12.85

All my positions- destroyed.

My Etrade account has to be down over 50%.

The carnage-
EGLRX $14.36
JSVAX $10.80
HFCGX $8.47
IGLIX $12.42
CAKE $10.90
SHLD $67.31
FAF $21.52
RAD $.52!!!!
C $12.93 (and they gave up on their bid to Wachovia- Wells is taking it)

GE $19.06 (and they announce 3rd quarter earnings tomorrow)

I have not checked my 401k. I do not want to get sick.

I went to the track after work and ran myself into the ground.

At least I have my health

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