Thursday, October 16, 2008

Showdown in Sac Town

Finally booked my ticket to my comeback show today- Showdown in Sac Town - next weekend in Sacramento. Its a gold level show. This is my comeback show and first show since winning North Bay in summer 2007.

The events:
-Yoke/ power stair medley. 600lb Yoke for 50ft followed by power stairs. 350 up 3 steps (supposedly high steps), 400 up 3 steps. Being taller will be an advantage. I should do well in this event. Top 3.

-Overhead medley. 4 implements- 120lb "dumb log", 180lb keg, 240lb axl, 260lb log. My worst event. I probably wont even try the log. If it's a real 260, out of my range. I will get the other 3 fast and should beat everyone that does not get all 4 lifts.

-Axl deadlift for reps. 60 sec. 450lbs. Hit 11 w/ 465 in training 2 weeks ago. Good chance to win this.

-Prowlers push/ farmers medley. 50 ft prowler. 50 ft farmers w/ 260. I should win this. I have been very very good in training. We simulated the prowler by pushing a truck. Have been doing 275 farmers. I think I finished in 32 secs last weekend beating 2 lightweight Pro's.

-Fingal finger/ odd object load- aka Circle of Death! 3 fingers. 1 sandbag and 2 kegs loaded to platform. I should do well in this event as well. I have never done fingal fingers, but being taller w/ long arms will be an advantage.

I should have a good show. I am in decent strongman shape but a little light. I am weighing around 217-218 and will be giving up weight to some of the 231's that cut to make weight. Oh well, it will be fun, a chance to compete, hang out with a good group of guys, and I have a good shot to win it.

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