Sunday, October 26, 2008

Showdown in Sac Town= Letdown

Well, I got back from the contest today. It was a very disappointing showing for me. Weighed in at roughly 216. My nerves were definetly kicking in.

Yoke/ power stair- did ok on the Yoke. Dropped it once but quickly recovered. Tried to load the first power stair (350) and it was heavy! Was able to finally get it on the platform. Switched my grip to over/ under and the second one went easier. The third one went also. Ran back down the stairs to hit the 400 lb implement. No go. This was really heavy. Finished mid pack on this one. Was pretty disappointed.

Overhead medley- started with the Axl- went right up. Ran over to the keg (175)- could not lock it out. Fuk! Tried it again- nope. Ran over to the 120 "dumblog"- got it. Went back to the keg for one more try. Nope. Finished towards the bottom on this one. If I had gotten the keg, I would have finished 3rd or 4th (like my plan going into this event). I was VERY disappointed after this event.

Deadlift- 455 axl- was still upset after the 2 previous events but know I still could win this event. Firts rep- slipped out of my hand at lockout- no rep. Fuk!. 2nd rep- same thing. Re-chalked and got into the groove. Hit 7-8 in a row. More chalk. Hit a couple more. Thought I had 11 (and tied for 1st so far). Went for one more to win- couldn't lock it. No rep. Learned that they did not give me one of the reps. Gave me 10. Terrible! I hit an easy 11 in training with more weight. I think 13 or 14 won it. This contest is turning into a disaster.

Prowler/ Farmers medley- my 2nd best event (I thought). Ran against my training partner Scott who I was beating in training. Prowler is allot different then the truck push we were doing. I was not that fast. I had my arms extended on the prowler - even though I know I should have them bent Got to the farmers and picked it up- slipped out of my hands! I looked at my hand and had ripped a callous. Memories of Fresno Pro Am were flying through my head. I re-chalked, gripped it and fought all my might to finish the 50 ft. I had a bad time, but I finished it with the ripped callous. I guess this could be a moral victory.

Last event (thank god)- Fingal finger/ load medley. I was very tired going into this and just wanted the contest to be over. It was now around 4 and the contest had started at 10:30 (I had been out there since 9am). It was also very hot and sunny all day. I felt physically nauseous. First load was a fire hydrant- messed u a bit but quickly recovered and load. Ran to 1st finger and it went up easily. 2nd load was around a 300ish keg- went up easily (the platforms were short barrels). 2nd finger went up also. 3rd load was a 250ish sand bag. Not too much of a problem. On to the last finger. This was heavy. Fought with it to get it halfway up. My legs and arms gave in and I dropped it.

Finished 5th overall out of 10? Sean finished 2nd (by 1.2 point). Scott also finished 2nd. The 4 guys that beat me- really beat me. It was not close.

Things that I learned-
1) I am way way way to hard on myself. When things start going bad, I shell up and have a terrible attitude. I need to lighten up a little.
2) I don't carry enough size to compete with the better 231's. I was giving up 15-20 lbs.
3)My upper body strength is lacking. No excuse for not being able to hit a 175 keg (or a 260 log for that matter) on my worst day!
4)I have not been training hard enough on Saturdays. Both my partners told me this.

So now I have 3 choices-
1)give up on strongman and move on to other things.
2)continue as I have been going and be ready for mid-pack placings.
3)Use this as a wake up call for my training and workouts.

I sit here and am not sure which choice I will make.

God I want this month to end.

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